Have a nice playfield, but a trashed cabinet? We can hook you up with a brand new cabinet and transfer your playfield into a brand new home!


If you want us to do everything…!


Doing a quick cleanup, replacing any broken bulbs. Not removing any major components from the playfield.

Starting at $400

Including installing LEDs, PF cleaning and waxing, and polishing ramps

$100 (but call to confirm!)

Most machines from the past 2 decades use standard AA batteries on the CPU to retain settings and high scores. If not changes regularly, these batteries can leak causing major damage to an expensive board. We have several options, ranging from NVRAM (which is the most difficult to install, but will NEVER need to be changed) to changing the AA batteries to a watch battery and holder.

Every generation of game has different benefits and drawbacks to each method, and if your board already has been damaged from leaky batteries, we may not be able to make this modification, so call to dicuss.

$150 per hour

When things aren’t working right….


Installing a set of mirror blades adds a whole new level of depth to your machine!

Starting at $1200

Got a tired playfield? We can help. Providing replacement PFs are available, we can handle the swap.

$750 + decals

Nasty cabinet? Faded cabinet? Fresh decals will add new life to any machine!